Biodegradable eco-friendly chair

Biodegradable eco-friendly chair

Fully biodegradable chair called Kuskoa Bi did recently French eco-designers eco-furniture for eco-freaks! Meet the team of eco-artists from France, the design Studio call themselves – Alki. Disposable furniture may not be harmful for the environment!
Biodegradable chair from the Studio of innovative design Alki
Biodegradable eco-friendly chair 1
This chair is fully biodegradable, as we have already noticed above. Elegant and comfortable furniture, created only from materials, environment-friendly – there she is, the products of the company Alki.

But specifically the chair (or, more likely, chair) Kuskoa Bi gave us a designer by the name of Jean Louis Iratzoki.

His brainchild – it completely from organic, natural material, no “inorganic chemistry”. Because the chair as a piece of furniture should (not must!) not to harm not only subsequently to the environment (abstract Nature), but immediately after use – that’s quite a specific person, the family, in whose house it lives in. In other words, the furniture should not produce toxins to anyone ever!

Therefore, the requirements for such items as eco-furniture and accordingly even increase – compared with, say, eco-bags from biodegradable plastic, with whom the person is not in contact for so long.

The most demanding and complex in terms of “human contact” product is, of course, baby toys intended for children from 0 to 3 years old – the age when the objects of their owners fight, oblizyvaetsya and, in General, are studied more on the taste than on the color… The best baby toys are wooden toys. The best furniture is wooden furniture. This simple and old truth we are slowly again and come back.

On this truth, on its Foundation set, rests and mission of the team Kuskoa Bi. Her chair Alki is also made of wood or wood material, including natural upholstery and the rest of the finish.

What is the name still officially the material from which made the chair Alki?
The plastics!

Plastic, receiving any form (including polusognutye) mass produced from waste agricultural products, cereals and fruits.

Still in the industry of furniture production was believed to give the chair a curved or polusognutye form (budget and mass) only, using artificial, synthetic materials. And that’s eco – designers, eco-friendly furniture from France – has achieved almost impossible!

They returned to massmarket, fast and cheap production of wooden furniture what our eyes almost forgot: the shape of the bent Vienna chair! “Phew, well, you’re legs goty!”…
Vienna chair from France

What was the great revolutionary event, changing the whole industry of cheap wood and quasi-wooden furniture?

In principle, for many centuries, the furniture (and even Coopers!) able to give a natural material – wood – curved or polusognutye form. Not only turning the parts on a lathe, but bending as they want – a great “supporting structures”.

The process of making the tree bent shape associated with long painstaking technologies soaking wood, was unprofitable and impossible in the mass industry of cheap goods-day!

That is why in the 20th century have disappeared nice looking curved Vienna chair (and all the crooked wooden furniture) and we all grew up, contemplating cheap furniture with square corners. This is ergonomico, it is ugly, it is depresso-gene! Person pleasure and healing to contemplate in your daily life only natural curves – even in simple furniture!

So as soon as plastic, plastic that can be shaped in any fancy shape – so immediately came back and “bent” furniture. But! She was toxic, which , of course, no one thought in the 50-ies and 60-ies of the XX century.
Biodegradable eco-friendly chair
And now designers furniture steel before a new dilemma: plastic polluting and harmful to the environment no less than the man, in whose house he was standing. Its utilization in Nature is the history of the crimes of man against Nature. But man is harmful to the eyes and the psychological comfort and straight-planed boards”… How can that be?

That is why we must wonder and gratitude to applaud the French eco-designers who figured out how to reconcile the two contradictions: the requirements of ergonomics and psychology and requirements of ecology and recycling.

Patented natural material used to make non-toxic, fully biodegradable molded chairs Kuskoa Bi from Alki – the present invention of the 21st century!