Bookstore-style indie

Bookstore-style indie

Bookstore-style indie
Not so long ago we wrote about indie games, that is, on the new computer games in the style of indie”. And we wrote, if you remember that indie games have replaced today “problem” discussed literature, substitute for reading the actual prose – at least for a certain segment of the educated population of the West. Therefore, problems that need to “stir up” the best part of society” and which was raised earlier in the 19th century) only theatre or (in the 20th century) on the pages of books and literary journals is now gone in the discourse indie games “for PC”.
Bookstore-style indie
The birth of a new genre, which should be enjoyed with a mouse in his hand, replacing the lorgnette and theater binoculars or a knife to cut pages, the genre for staging hottest social issues – what do you want, a platform for dialogue between the Artist and the crowd.
If at the beginning of the 20th century, Lenin, thinking about the massive propaganda, said that “the most important of the arts, for us cinema is the” now, in the beginning of the 21st century, we can the same be said about indie games. Yet timidly, time will tell, but in the West, it seems, have no doubt that the idea, the format of indie-games – win and that it has a future.
Apparently, the “indie” is again a big trend? Yes. Indie is a very big trend. Because, firstly, he made the bet, investment, when it comes to serious custom-made propaganda. Alas, but it is. However, the format does not prohibit to promote anyone. Format Hyde Park…
And because indie segment covers the broadest layers of the population: those who are intelligent but does not read books (and for those indie games) and those who are not stupid, and reading books in the proof that intelligent.
Now for this last (which is still very much, in spite of the malevolent clitorectomy marketers) and appeared in the book-trade new trend micro-trend)
Bookstore-style indie: what is it?

Stiores go, stiores…

Let’s start with the fact that this project, which we have discussed, was born in new York, what it’s called – CityShelf and that came up with this project, a poet, a man by the name of Ben Purket. As they say, make a note of this name in the notes for the order prayers for health. Because such people is growing in the world good and decreases the amount of evil, which brings with it the post-industrial capitalist society standardised consumption of bulk trash.

So what exactly is fighting the project of book trade CityShelf ?

Ben pocket invented with his team of daring anti-term – a new word in marketing.
Long live the DISLOYAL customer!

They CityShelf, struggling with format retail, chain stores, franchises. In other words, unification and standardization of thoughts, feelings, consumption. As you know, today trade turned to the entrepreneur so that can survive only in network shops. If you are unique – you’ll be dead, but still doubting in the last days of life in his mental health.

It is this nuance and raised doubts about Ben’s pocket and his team CityShelf. And should be so? And it shouldn’t. Suffer the little book shop the book trade, with no links to the policy of any network. But calm down, coffee shops suffer as well.

In fairness it should be noted that the first fight with the network format trade and fooling started just small intimate clubs-coffee shops – the main refuge of all unreliable fighters and dissidents at all times in Europe.

Stop trying to be “loyal customer” or Be Disloyal is the first indie project about non-chain coffee shops. He started in Singapore. Now initiative picked up in new York, in the environment of the book trade, and it is called – CityShelf.

The business idea is very simple. Eight (eight) different in any way with each other not related coffee (or book shops) are combined into a sort of “network” or cartel (if you remember the terms archaic economy).

But from the “network” they have only one computer search engine for smartphone, shared virtual database, so you can find the book, using all eight stores.
Bookstore-style indie
“Look in a certain store,” says you polite seller, if it was not for you goods. But the seller sends you to look for not following his own branch network, and sends to his colleague, in a completely different store.

The modern consumer is spoiled policy of “increasing customer loyalty”, which is widely used network retail formats in order to finally destroy businessmen individuals. As heavy artillery the rebates within the network and bonuses, a free Cup of coffee at any coffee shop in our network, card….

The project CityShelf also store cards, only they are called “card NOT-loyalty”.

The mission of the new business model is simple: “you Need a lot of stores – good and DIFFERENT”. But why take the pleasant difference, the infamous “face Neobee the expression” when all pulled themselves under network trade with their standards. Everywhere, boys and girls in the same neck handkerchiefs – symbol “our network”. As the average person loves uniforms!

This and tries to put an end to the indie project to combat “loyalty” to a network retailers…

CityShelf and Be Disloyal – the first sign of the trend. Businessmen, unite, but unite so that none of you has not lost its identity, its unique mission.

That was not eight identical book shops with the same range, and eight different shops with an assortment of different ways.

And it will have something to learn from them. For example, their organization and their awareness of each other – a single database.