Gidroelectostantsia in normal water

Gidroelectostantsia in normal water

In the U.S. city of Portland, Oregon, launched the eco-design of energy-entertainers; a project to produce “green” electricity from… the usual pipes of the city water supply.
Gidroelectostantsia in normal water
It is called eco-project alternative energy – Lucid Energy. That’s only one thing we ask you: do not confuse city water city with the same drain! The difference is obvious.

All of you already know (from our website) that the sewer pipe is the real source of chemical elements (residue on these tubes). Of these chemical elements is easy to get fuel for processing power in small volumes, suitable for local use, little by little. It is not necessary to extract oil and gas, and coal “mine”, please that settles on your stinking kloachnye effluents. With this business model for the development of the green economy the world has long been familiar…

And what good you can “extract” from the tubes through which flows the purest drinking water in the apartments? Because those pipes there can be no sediment?!. Project Lucid Energy offers all of us to remember his early childhood and the first story first teacher in primary school about how HES”.
How does hydroelectric power station?

Here the river flows. It is blocked by a dam. This Hydroelectric dam! The dam blocking the river its path, rough water rushes directly to the turbine rotor, and there already to light in the apartments at hand…

So, why not to take for “riverbed” pipe cold water pipe? It is worse than the natural river? And why not make this artificial man-made river of the same dam, which arrange these rivers builders GRES?

Of course, the energy from this “river” will be small, but we are many and don’t need. Recall that any eco-project according to the invention each new “alternative energy” decides micro-tasks to provide electricity even at least one apartment! Or one household. Or, if you’re lucky, one small town!

Simply place inside the pipe with the flow of cold water – screw turbine project Lucid Energy. As soon as you turn the water on, the rotor starts to spin and power for your apartment – produced. Green, eco-friendly electricity!
Gidroelectostantsia in normal water
Long, the boys (when there was no tablets) built in the spring of dam – when melt water ran from the mountains flows and streams and twisted their mill wheels in the spring puddles to Odori. This is one of the oldest toys classical mechanics – “samokritika” wheel. Now this ancient pastime, which humanity indulged often nothing better to do, brought the benefits of green energy.