Medical robotic courier inside the hospital building

Medical robotic courier inside the hospital building

In San Francisco (USA) there were 25 new robots wearing имяTUGs. Robotic couriers is plastic tables on wheels – that’s how they look outwardly.
Medical robotic courier inside the hospital building
Robots TUGs perform for Junior medical staff the work that can be trusted to perform a “soulless machine”. In this we see the trend of robotics market in General, and the trend is.
Medical robot is a symbol of the impending human revolution in health and … not only in it

To liberate man from those routine activities that can be performed by primitive machine (for the sake of humanism’s trend shaping the trend of robotics and artificial intelligence… Not the whim of investors to invest in the business Iskanov and robots, and the coming ban on such official rate as “nurse”, “courier”, “Secretary”, “the cleaner” and “the watchman”…

Recall that not so long ago – before the invention of machine-excavator with bucket, a very intellectual work” as work on digging holes in the ground – was carried out by a team of real people. Worse is the fact that all life and the whole point of it is for such people and was limited to digging holes. As you know: there is demand there is supply. And while there is a public demand for “specialists”, who are able and should only:

to dig a pit,

pack the goods

serve coffee to the head,

running around with papers from floor to floor,

to open and close the door before entering the car…

As long as there is stratification in the “people” and “young less than human” – on the basis of “what is the quality and content of the work you do,” the fair society is not to be.

Currently our society is coming to the thought that the use of human activities that may perform a mechanical moron”, not just impractical, as just unethical.

You know perfectly well that today “the question” about the ethics of your being unethical business activity is the main question that most profoundly affect the fate of a particular business and the fate of any business, private initiative.

Roughly speaking: to be or not to be your company or the whole industry entrepreneurship – public Commission decides on “ethics”.Such a single Commission on ethics, of course, nowhere to be found, but the tendency and influence of some organizations already have.
Medical robotic courier against nurses and nurses

Before that, we talked about Utopia, let’s talk about reality.

Of course, complacent dream of replacing the entire Junior, inferior, low-budget, low-skilled personnel – robots (even such design smart as TUGs) – utopian!

First, there are still countries-suppliers of migrant workers, robotics not to win the market.

Secondly, if there ever lonely Chekhov’s hero was talking from boredom with a horse cab, then do not think that the current lone hero will talk to the robot courier, Solovev him in the corner. No, he’s just seriously go crazy and so will ruin our civilization lonely depressed people even faster. Can to keep people alive? With them one can talk…
Medical robotic courier inside the hospital building
Nurses and Junior nurses, of course, will not get anywhere. Couriers and cleaners, podvaliti coffee and watchmen – anywhere, in any industry will not disappear. Therefore, the trend to replace nscompositesourceover staff of artificial intelligence and robots will be for a long time to lead a siege war with real life.

In the meantime, 25 new medical robot TUGs accurately and not bumping anything – ride off on the confusing corridors of the hospitals in San Francisco and deliver the documents, medicine – ‘s office, heads of departments and chambers of the sick.